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Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development - Patents

In 1979, DYWIDAG-Systems International was founded to distribute products for construction and geotechnical applications based on DYWIDAG patents. DYWIDAG-Systems International engineers soon began to further develop this “inherited” know-how with their innovative ideas, thereby constantly improving the original products and developing new ones. 

DYWIDAG-Systems International permanently monitors, amends, reviews, tests, and adapts its wide product range to meet new regulations and official approval requirements. DYWIDAG-Systems International attaches great importance to R&D in order to continuously provide high quality products to its customers. About 40 employees around the world are focused on R&D and engineering.

Research & Development

The systematic research in materials, structural engineering and construction methods is coordinated in the regional headquarters, thereby pooling and combining the global know-how from all sectors of the group for the benefit of all customers.

Consistent with DYWIDAG’s strategy “Local Presence – Global Competence”, competence centers are located throughout the world.


The consistent protection of developments through patents and utility models has been and remains a priority for DYWIDAG-Systems International.

At the beginning of 2016, DYWIDAG-Systems International held 56 basic patents in the Post-Tensioning & Geotechnics sector.

Research & Development
Research & Development

Recent R&D results:

  • DYWIDAG-Systems International was the first company to obtain a European approval for unbonded strand post-tensioning systems using monostrands
  • The range of DYWIDAG and SUSPA-Systems Bonded Multistrand Tendons is the most comprehensive system of 1 to 37x0.62’’ post-tensioning tendons meeting all requirements of design consultants and construction companies
  • The DYWIDAG 55x0.5’’ strand tendon system for prestressing nuclear power stations. Successfully approved in accordance with KEPIC (Korea Electric Power Industry Code)
  • Superior Cryogenic Tendons: DYWIDAG-Systems International’s 19x0.6’’ MA Multistrand tendons withstand temperatures down to -196°C in accordance with the latest guidelines for LNG tanks
  • New DYWIDAG Bar Post-Tensioning System to accommodate the new prestressing steel grade WR 950/1050 conforming with the European prestressing level
  • Development of a high-performance stay cable damper system
  • Extension of size range of DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Anchors.